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  • Thank you everyone who has stuck by Cyber Life Support the past few years. Covid kicked our butt for a bit with me getting sick, recovering some, making life choices to move from NYC to NM, communication and internet issues once in NM, struggling to find work I could do and also struggling to figure […]

    Big Business Update

  • It’s been a nutty time in NM for me. My phone no longer updates to the cell towers and can’t activate and I’m running on Messages and internet. But photos are on point.

    iPhone Keeps on Ticking

  • As we have all heard a new variant is here and no one really know what it’s gonna mean. Most recent reports have said it spreads faster than wildfire (aka Delta) but may have milder symptoms. Unfortunately every medical thing/person/blurb I see about that is that it is far too early to know and so […]

    Omicron Variant – Not the Futurama Planet

  • Over the past year(s) a lot of people have been dealing with the after effects of covid. While some had damage and issues from long hospital stays a lot of us just remained sick. Not visibly ruined but dizzy, fatigue, brains that didn’t work and the most overwhelming one of all – malaise. I went […]

    Long-Covid is Real and Really Weird

  • Recycling is the way to save the world for our kids, and our efforts for other things, so I’m resharing articles from the strange and lonely holidays of 2020. Ally is a bank and online money management and tip site. I don’t personally use it but really like their tips for saving a bit of […]

    Frugal Living

  • Holidays aren’t just December’s gift laden Christmas, let’s not forget Hanukkah! and all the other fabulous Jewish celebrations and remembrances at many other times of the year. Want to find where to celebrate a high holiday wherever you live or are visiting or a virtual gathering? Below is an article all about how to locate […]

    Find Your Favorite Services

  • Sometimes you simply want a cheap and easy way to brighten up the computer space you’ve been spending so so so much time in these past few years. Click the below button to find the Smithsonian’s answer to your boring desktop image woes. Underneath each image and blurb about it is a DOWNLOAD word you […]

    Fun Backgrounds for Every Season