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General Services

Training on windows or macintosh

Diagnostic Services incl upgrade vs repair advice

Connection of Networks, devices, cloud storage

Diagnosis and Removal of malware of all types

Answering of General tech questions

Cyber Life Support offers a variety of support services for a variety of devices, and humans’ needs. 

Our focus has always been on how to get our clients the most out of their devices.  This doesn’t always mean having all the bells and whistles or newest systems. 

It means things like recommending a printer that will work with an older machine to keep productive routines. 

It’s being told quickly the keyboard is broken and it’s time to buy another computer, mitigating the decision making of “when is it time to change?”

Once you buy we’ll be here to set you up right, help get you around those learning curves and quickly arrange workflows.

You may be someone who needs a simple appointment.  Maybe your laptop has been acting different since the last tech installed a new hard drive? We can go over it with a fine tooth comb, remove any issues and explain any “features” going on.

What we specialize in is a long-term, supportive relationship with our clients.

If you want someone you can talk out your tech needs with, get a quick answer about a suspicious email, make sure things are tidy and maintained regularly and overall like having a tech friend who doesn’t get snotty, Cyber Life Support could be the tech support for you. It’s what we do, Helping Humans One Bit At A Time.