Omicron Variant – Not the Futurama Planet

As we have all heard a new variant is here and no one really know what it’s gonna mean. Most recent reports have said it spreads faster than wildfire (aka Delta) but may have milder symptoms. Unfortunately every medical thing/person/blurb I see about that is that it is far too early to know and so many cases were caught by folks who had some immunity we won’t know until it hits the unvaccinated, probably by 2nd week of January, how bad it’s gonna hurt.

UPDATE: I wrote this two days ago and pretty sure all NYC knows already, cause omicron is now the winner in the “What Covid are You Most Likely to Get” contest.

But in the mean time I took a couple of screenshots (literally taking a photo as I played the YouTube conference on my tv) of information I think is helpful for us all. The actual video is linked below as well.