Cyber Life Support


Helping Humans One Bit at a Time with care, honesty, and respect.


To assist people in achieving their goals within the area of technology through personalized, and community, support.

Evan Brown-Tabacco

Technician, CFO and co-Founder:

Focused on determining suitable solutions for specific circumstances. Growing up around computers, the internet, and IT support, as well as training in game design, online courses, certification and research, has left him with a highly developed sense for finding atypical solutions when basic troubleshooting is insufficient. 

Marsha Brown

Technician, CEO and co-Founder:

A personable professional with over 20 years of experience dealing with computer problems of all kinds. Has worked in environments from international business to dealing with mechanical issues in personal computers.  

Starting at a young age with basic programming she maintained her computer chops through the years of computers becoming more ubiquitous in our lives. She started Ms Mac Consulting in NYC in 2000.  During a stint as Acting Mac Systems Administrator for JCREW Corporate offices life changed in 2001.  At that time she branched out into personal support for home users and small businesses.

The next 20 years gave her many experiences in computer support and solving a myriad of real world situations and instilled in her expertise in both the technical and interpersonal aspects of technological consultation.

Welcome to Cyber Life Support

– a fully remote, fully friendly, computer support service for the general user,

Helping Humans One Bit At A Time.