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  • Web browsers. Everyone uses them, it’s almost a requirement to be part of society currently. But which one is the right one? That’s a question that can be hard to answer as there are a few well known, and several more less well known, for you to choose from. All web browsers are going to […]

    Web Browsers, AKA the Internet.

  • In the previous articles we’ve tried to cover the broad strokes of what AI is and how it has and may continue to impact the world, but we really haven’t been able to draw any solid conclusions.  Well, we’ve managed one conclusion, and have been perhaps heavy handed in repetition of it. Simply put, AI […]

    The AI Tool: Who is Going to Use It?

  • so where does the technology itself stand in terms of positives? The biggest ones are likely in the field of neurology it seems. Studying the mind is after all studying the mind, regardless of if that mind is originally artificial or natural, every development in AI technology creates valuable insight into our own thinking and learning processes. From both a physiological and psychological perspective.

    The Positives With AI

  • Examples of uses which might cause these kinds of effects include ‘deepfakes,’ AI generated art reducing the demand for human artists, and algorithms for making business decisions automatically.

    The Downsides of AI

  • "Cat Sundae" by CLS using's Bot Draw A - an AI's attempt to create 4 pics of cats in a bowl of ice cream.

    “…complex sets of code meant to produce something that mimics the data that’s been fed into it. An elaborate mimic following tens of thousands of carefully managed rules and steps to produce something almost new and unique. ”

    What “AI” Really Means