Big Business Update

Thank you everyone who has stuck by Cyber Life Support the past few years. Covid kicked our butt for a bit with me getting sick, recovering some, making life choices to move from NYC to NM, communication and internet issues once in NM, struggling to find work I could do and also struggling to figure out how my body worked now with long covid having changed my energy levels and various needs. But I think I’ve got it, between healing and learning, and am back to support you and your computers wholeheartedly again.

I’d also like to acknowledge the losses so many have endured the last couple of years. You have my deepest sympathy, empathy, support and respect. I wish I had any words or actions that would fix it but since those don’t exist please let me know if there is anything at all I can do.

To meet these new conditions with us, and in the world generally, we are once again reconfiguring how we work.

Going forward we’ll be incorporating as an LLC, investing in remote connection software, and starting advertising as the public’s remote support computer friends, Helping Humans One Bit At A Time. Like Geek Squad but nice, with clients working with the same techs over time and services only through an internet connection to start.

Pricing is undergoing a bit of a change as well. To start off, if you’re used to the prepay plan that was fairly standard don’t worry, you won’t be paying any more and might be paying less. Instead of having a prepaid amount of hours at varying rates we’re moving things to a subscription and discount system. When you’re subscribed (for $200 a year) you get 4 half hour maintenance (and whatever else you need that we can get done in that time) appointments, 1 per yearly quarter, as well as 25% reduction in the standard hourly rate($200), and a half hour minimum fee. In the next few months we’re hoping to also be able to give you access to a social site of our creation as another perk to our subscription service.

Any hours outside of a subscription membership will be $200 per hour rounded to nearest half hour, one hour minimum.

As to paying us, we’re looking into online payment options to make things easy on you (and, admittedly, us) but we will, as always, accept whatever we can make work between us, especially as we put this new online connection together.

The goal is full online support capabilities. The focused social networking type site we’re going to be developing will make it easy to get and stay in contact with us, or even meet new people you might like. It will be place to talk tech, get our help and support, crowdsourced tech reviews and whatever else fits while also being a part of a semi-curated group to keep conversations and interactions respectful and safe.

And if we reach our other goals we’ll start working on a bit of a magazine/news website to keep you up to date on impactful developments in tech, and whatever we feel interested in.

Our intention is to have the initial version of these offerings up Jan 2023.

In the meantime give us a call – 212-929-2960 or Email for whatever tech support you may need.