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  • The very first thing to remember is EVERYBODY can get scammed. No one is immune. Second thing to remember is everything else they say in this video.

    You’ll Be Obsessed with this way to Avoid Scams.

  • Holidays aren’t just December’s gift laden Christmas, let’s not forget Hanukkah! and all the other fabulous Jewish celebrations and remembrances at many other times of the year. Want to find where to celebrate a high holiday wherever you live or are visiting or a virtual gathering? Below is an article all about how to locate […]

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  • Sometimes you simply want a cheap and easy way to brighten up the computer space you’ve been spending so so so much time in these past few years. Click the below button to find the Smithsonian’s answer to your boring desktop image woes. Underneath each image and blurb about it is a DOWNLOAD word you […]

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