In 1998 I started working at Tekserve NYC’s (and possibly the world’s) premier macintosh repair shop. They had a sign up I would look at as I tried to expedite a room full of people anxious about broken computers. Honest Weights, Square Measures dangled from an old general store/bait&tackle shop, in a very large black and white photo, and summed up the motto of Dick and David the store owners.

When I left in early 2000 to work for myself I entered almost 20 years of freelance adventure and struggle through a couple of recessions and national tragedies. My mom helped, the business grew, partners and support staff have come and gone and I learned a lot. I tried to keep the same ethics as Dick and David at Tekserve, fairness, honesty, excellent work and a lot of patience. I think I succeeded. I have a great group of people I help in this city and adore them all.

However Macintoshes are getting super easy and Apple does a great job of support. I’m finding the needs of my clients are changing. Started in 2019 this is my vision of the new Cyber Life Support, a full tech support solution for the home user. Not just the Apple gadgets in your life but Windows, Networks, Google Home, Nest, Amazon Alexa, Blogs, Websites, Smart Tvs and anything else that seems like you could use a super tech savvy friend to help with it.

Call us – 212-929-2960. Use our new email – techs@cyberlifesupport.com or bug us in any of the old ways you’ve saved from the previous ms mac incarnation. The name has changed, the support has widened, but the people behind it are still the same kind, patient people you expect showing up at your door.

Cyber Life Support

Fixing Tech Troubles, Helping Human Worry